Semester in Lyon: the French stereotype

The French aren’t all mimes who wear berets and carry around baguettes, while grunting ‘Oui, Oui!’

02/14/18 | 7:04pm

Note: The article following is a blog and therefore expresses opinions of my experiences while abroad

Based on my experiences, some popular misconceptions about the French are that they bathe less, walk around carrying baguettes, that mimes are common street performers and that French waiters are incredibly rude.

All of these are stereotypes. Americans have them too. We aren’t all obese citizens who eat McDonald’s for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and we don’t all carry guns around on our hips.

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Semester in Lyon: Overcoming culture shock

Despite being in the beautiful country of France, I couldn’t seem to avoid culture shock

02/07/18 | 7:54pm

Note: The article following is a blog and therefore expresses opinions of my experiences while abroad

Culture shock is like stepping in a pile of dog poop while wearing white Vans.

At least that’s how it felt for me. During my study abroad orientation for my semester-long stay in Lyon, France, we learned about the four stages of culture shock: honeymoon, frustration, adjustment and acceptance.

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ASU alumnus appeared on ‘Shark Tank’ for his 30-second wine chiller

Pronto Concepts CEO Alexander Simone made a deal with Mark Cuban

11/20/17 | 8:28pm

In 2013, an ASU student wanted to drink a bottle of Chardonnay with a girl, but didn’t have any chilled. He grabbed a strainer and a bunch of ice, but the wine tasted watered down.

On Nov. 12, Alexander Simone, now an ASU alumnus, stepped into the Shark Tank for his products, ProntoBev, a 30-second wine chiller and ProntoAer, a wine aerator.

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Crime, medicine TV shows foster positive perceptions of science fields

Shows like “CSI” and “Grey’s Anatomy” create interest in criminology and nursing professions

11/09/17 | 8:36pm

ASU faculty and students have mixed feelings about the popularity of crime and medicine fields due to television shows about the professions.

Approximately eight out of 10 Americans watch a television show focusing on criminal investigations, hospitals and medical settings or science fiction, according to a Pew Research Center survey.

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College students with autism have low graduation rate

The transition from high school to college proves challenging for adults with autism

11/01/17 | 8:31pm

The transition between high school and college can prove to be difficult for individuals with autism, and their college retention rates remain low despite resources to help them complete coursework.

About 50,000 Americans with autism enter adulthood each year and about one-third of these young adults attend college after high school, according to Autism Speaks.

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Students recount experiences at Las Vegas shooting

At least three ASU students were at the Jason Aldean concert when the shooting began

10/03/17 | 8:18pm

Dana Manuel could not run when the shooting started. Her cousin with multiple sclerosis can’t run, and Manuel couldn’t leave her behind.

“I didn’t want her out of my sight because she isn’t very able to run,” she said. “I needed to take care of her before me.”

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ASU professor starts exercise program for adults with Down syndrome

The program pairs ASU students with participants to help them stay fit

10/02/17 | 8:10pm

Adults with Down syndrome now have a healthy outlet for exercise at the Downtown Phoenix campus.

The Exercise Program for Adults with Down Syndrome (ExDS) promotes physical activity and helps participants achieve their exercise goals. The program also helps “spread awareness, tolerance and inclusion,” according to its website.

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