The Tempe SDFC will close three of their racquetball courts

The closure will result in ASU no longer hosting national racquetball tournaments


The racquetball courts have been a part of the Tempe SDFC since the opening of the ASU building in 1989. However, this summer the SDFC will close three of the 14 courts.

Julie Kipper, the executive director for all of the Sun Devil Fitness Complexes, said in an email statement that their goal is to offer a variety of programs for ASU students, so they must “evaluate how all spaces in the SDFC are utilized at our four locations.”

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Live: Bad Suns and COIN in Phoenix

Dec. 19, 2016

Usually the opener is overlooked. However, at Crescent Ballroom in Phoenix, Arizona, Kid Bloom had heads nodding in the audience from the first song. I was positioned at the side of the stage in full view of the drummer and couldn’t help tapping along to his beat.

It was Kid Bloom’s first performance in Phoenix being a band from Los Angeles. They had interesting control of going from fast-paced drums to a smooth slower moody sound.

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The Strumbellas show substance beneath everyday surface

Oct. 3, 2016

The stage is blue with a skeleton sitting in the background, which screams alternative and indie rock. Before the show, people anxiously leave the merchandise stand to get a front row, second row, third row spot in the General Admission Only Marquee Theater in Tempe, Arizona.

Eagerness filled the room as the lights flash teasingly, encouraging all the fans to cheer even though no one had appeared on the stage yet. Finally, the calls of the audience are answered and the Strumbellas file out onto the stage.

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Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino creates a sugary frenzy at ASU

The Frappuccino colored ASU’s campuses from April 19 to April 23

04/24/17 | 8:26

A multi-colored, internet-sensational Frappuccino hit Starbucks counters last week much to the dismay of some baristas.

The Unicorn Frappuccino Blended Crème went viral with messages of approval on one end and Katy Perry spitting it out in disgust on the other end.

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ASU student with autism crowd-funds nearly $9,975 for his education

James Deibler set up a GoFundMe account which received thousands of dollars in contributions from anonymous donors and some politicians

04/19/17 | 7:11pm

ASU public policy junior James Deibler, a 32-year-old with high-functioning autism, said for years he had been told that he would never graduate high school, let alone be a college student.

Now, he is wrapping up his first year at ASU and is currently scheduled to graduate in 2020.

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Adulting 101: weekly sessions help students learn important life skills

The series of courses aim to educate students about finances, domestic maintenance and auto care

04/18/17 | 7:27pm

Meat sizzled and popped in a pot as students watched intently, attempting to learn one of the many skills required to successfully “adult.” In Adulting 101, students get to learn basic concepts like cooking conversions and are taught to put items like electric cooking mixers at the top of their graduation gift wish lists.

Adulting 101, a series of events spanning over the course of eight weeks, is designed to provide students knowledge of important life skills like cooking, budgeting, car maintenance and filing taxes. The events started just after spring break through the Business and Career Development Group on ASU’s West campus.

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ASU student shares story of homelessness and fighting for an education

Ira Sanchez, who has been homeless off and on since his senior year of high school, continues to make use of University resources

04/13/17 | 5:49pm

ASU junior Ira Sanchez, 27, was recently mistaken as a homeless person by a security guard while meditating at Civic Space Park on the Downtown Phoenix campus.

The misunderstanding was clarified shortly after when city officials released a statement that said people are allowed to sleep on the grass during park hours and security only approaches patrons if they have concerns about their welfare.

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